Monday, March 20, 2017

The Flash - Savitar is revealed ?

The Flash - Savitar is revealed ? 

You have read it right . When everyone is guessing who savitar can be ? we got another leak and if we believe to a source then a picture has been shared on popular social platform Instagram . According to that Barry Allen is Savitar . We also shared a theory that Barry allen could be savitar . 

Here is the source image : 

This can be a fake image too , only time will tell . There is not any official leak for now . It will be fun watching future episodes and we all want the suspense to be unexpected and thrilling . The Flash airs on the CW Tuesday at 8pm. Please leave your comments for further discussion.

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Saturday, March 18, 2017

Nokia 7 And 8 Will have Snapdragon 660, New Metal Unibody Design

Nokia 7 And 8 Will have Snapdragon 660, New Metal Unibody Design

The return of Nokia is being more powerful than expected, as the three models of its new series with Android OS had a good reception both by users and by the specialized press. The Nokia 3, Nokia 5 and Nokia 6 strolled through the Barcelona MWC showing very interesting features and associated with pure Android with almost immediate updates. So, it’s a good move by the Finns.
The high range model that had been rumored for the Snapdragon 835, the most coveted processor of the moment. This new high range model was automatically related to the future Nokia 8 that had been seen in some leak, but it seems that will not be so, although its processor will remain high. The Snapdragon 660 has appeared on the scene and has also been linked to the future Nokia 7.
So, the Nokia 8 along with the new Nokia 7 would be less powerful than we thought. However, not without ceasing to have good performance, as the Nokia 6 already does. Though this processor has not been officially announced by Qualcomm but is already in tests.
It has even seen in some benchmark with great scores to be a processor aimed at the mid-range smartphones. Hence, it would not be a bad choice for the more expensive Nokia in the catalog, but still, it leaves us a bittersweet taste if we consider that, at least for the Nokia 8, we expected the most awaited iconic Snapdragon 835 SoC.
However, apart from all these things, the new Nokia 7 and Nokia 8 both will feature very thin bezels along with a new and sturdy metal unibody design. While if we talk about the camera and the back design, then both the device will feature a very different look from what we have already seen so far in the Nokia 3, Nokia 5 and the Nokia 6.
Moreover, it is also expected that the upcoming Nokia 8 could even have the Carl Zeiss optics as well. But, yet it is not clear that when we should expect these two Nokia smartphones (Nokia 8 and Nokia 7) to hit the market. However, if we go through the rumors, then Nokia 8 and Nokia 7 may hit the market by the month of May or June (2017).

The Flash - How future Barry Allen can be Savitar ?

The Flash - How future Barry Allen can be Savitar ? 
Explained - My theory

So according to another theory of mine future barry allen is Savitar . Now the question is which future version . So here it is :Key Point 1 - If you remember the day in season 2 when barry allen was stuck into the speed force after being destroyed to gain his lost powers given to zoom.Now the answer is future flash / time remnant which we are talking about is none other the Barry who was destroyed while fighting with zoom in the season finale. So my theory is he came to help Barry Allen but rather he had to sacrifice himself and eventually he also stuck into the speed force in the similar fashion as Key Point 1.By the time he went insane and became Savitar & It makes sense.

Now Let's try to prove this theory according to some conversation of Savitar.

1. SAVITAR: I am nothing like you, Barry. You are cruel, selfish and from my perspective, you’re the big bad. - Satisfies theory
2. BARRY: How long have you been trapped?
SAVITAR: Long enough to lose my mind several times over, it’s only my will, that keeps me on the side of sanity. - Satisfies theory
3. BARRY: Why are we enemies?
SAVITAR: Because we had to be, only one of us could live. You thought that Thawne and Zoom were your biggest foes, but it’s me. It’s always been me, Barry. - Satisfies theory
4. JOE: What did we do to you?
SAVITAR: You took everything from me. I never asked for any of this, Joe. I am only this way because of you, all of you. - Satisfies theory.
5. SAVITAR : Iris, I’m sorry you have to die, but it’s you or me. And despite your feeble efforts to change the future, you can’t. Because I am the Future Flash. Barry you’ve had to suffer worse than anyone, trust me, you’ll never get over this. - Satisfies
6. Jay garrick said he is the first speedster - True
7. Eddie Thawne - This is happening because of your future self. - true

It's just a theory , in future episodes more things will be clear. And the directors are intelligent enough to do something unexpected.

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